What is the Biggest Airport in Spain?

Aircrafts moving day in and day out. Passengers loading and unloading airplanes every day. Luggage and cargos shipped daily. Security personels scanning through luggage. Bomb canines sniffing bag after bag. Monitors changing with every flight schedule. Counters opening and closing for different flights. Boarding passes ripped. Conveyor belts running. Late passengers rushing towards their gates. A voice speaking through the paging system, calling names of flight guests. Passengers grumbling as the sign board changes from on time to delayed. Cafés filling waiting passengers’ stomachs. Lounges full of sitting people. These are the typical activities and sccenarios you see in an airport.

And Spain’s airports are not much different from any airport, even their biggest airport is not saved from the usual traffic of people, aircrafts, and cargo moving in and out of the city. The only difference between Spain’s airports and the airports everywhere else in the world is the number of Spanish people. Then what is the biggest airport in Spain?

The biggest airport in Spain is none other than the Madrid-Barajas Airport, located of course in Spain. The Madrid-Barajas Airport is not only the biggest in terms of land area but also in terms of the traffic handling. In fact, in 2008, the Madrid-Barajas Airport landed the 11th spot for the busiest airport in the world and the fourth spot in Europe. With about 48,270,000 passengers and over 435,000 aircraft movements in 2009, who could doubt that Madrid-Barajas Airport is one busy airport?

The Madrid-Barajas Airport has many facilities which includes two banks, one of which is open 24 hours, ATMs, a number of bureaux de change, a post office, over 100 shops including duty free, more than 30 cafés and restaurants, VIP lounges in all terminals, nurseries, pharmacies, first-aid stations, travel agencies, meeting rooms for rent, and even a chapel and a playground.

The Madrid-Barajas Airport also has one of the world’s biggest terminals. On February 5, 2006, Terminal 4 was opened. Terminal 4 has a total area of 760,000 square meters. It houses the famous Iberia along with its franchise, Air Nostrum, and all of the airline under Oneworld which includes American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, and LAN Airlines.

The other terminals, T1, T2, and T3, are home to Air Europa, Spanair, and other airline companies under Skyteam and Star Alliance.

The Madrid-Barajas Airport is surely one airport to look up to. It does not only hold the title for the biggest airport in Spain, but also the best airport according to the 2008 Condé Nast Traveller Reader Awards.

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