What is Feline Conjunctivitis?

Newborn kittens can be contracted with a common eye infection called feline conjunctivitis or also known as pink eye. It is called pink eye because the eyes become reddish or pinkish when infected with such condition. This infection usually happens among kittens from the time they start to open their eyes that takes place after 10 days until they turn two weeks old.

Kittens are easily contracted with such infection because they still have underdeveloped immune system. When this infection is left unattended, kittens may experience eye ulceration and eventually lose their vision. Even though this condition is a little bit frightening, there is no need to be worried as pink eye can be treated. It is important to remember though that this is a contagious eye problem that is why other kittens in the house must be kept in distance from the infected ones.

One of the causes of conjunctivitis among kittens is viral infections, mostly from herpes virus and chlamydophilia virus. This viral infection is transmitted from the infected mother to its kitten at birth. Other causes are bacterial infection, dust, chemicals and allergies such as pollen that would lead to excessive eye discharges, inflammation in the conjunctiva and production of excessive tears.

Kittens with pink eye also experience excessive eye blinking, eye pawing, reddish and itchy eyes and may drain eye discharges with pus. When this happens, it is best to prompt for veterinarian advises to prevent worsening of conjunctivitis.

Because pink eye is treatable, it is advised to turn to the veterinarian for proper treatments though home remedies can also be done, as long as conjunctivitis is not severe. When the vet finds out that the cause of pink eye is from viral infection, he or she would then prescribe an antiviral medication. When the case is caused by bacteria, an antibiotic would be given and this usually comes in eye drops, ointments and even oral medications.

For conjunctivitis caused by allergies, this usually subsides after a few days. But when there is no improvement, anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to help kittens alleviate eye discomforts and even pain.

For home remedy, a simple mode can be done. An application of warm compress to the affected eye will bring improvements such as reducing swelling as well as eye irritation. But when all else fail, it is important to bring the kittens immediately to the vet so that the doctor can manually extract discharges and clean up the eyes for faster conjunctivitis relief.

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