What is an Alcohol Overdose?

Alcoholic beverages are part of our daily lives, whether we admit it or not, at some point in our lives we tasted alcoholic drinks.  However, drinking moderately is the best way to go, so that you will not have an alcohol overdose.  So, what is an alcohol overdose?  Alcohol overdose or commonly known as alcohol poisoning, is a dangerous and at times deadly condition.  It occurs when the end product of alcohol level is high that the body can no longer metabolize it.  In most cases, binge drinking lead to an overdose.   It means consuming 4 or more drinks in a single sitting for females, 5 or more drinks for males in one sitting.

The effect of alcohol to your body depends on blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  It is the percentage of alcohol in the blood after the alcohol was absorbed in the stomach and entered the bloodstream.

There are several factors that influence the degree of alcohol in the body, like how strong the drink is, how quickly you ingest the alcoholic beverage, the food content in your stomach and how fast your body can process the alcohol.

What are the alcohol overdose symptoms and alcohol overdose signs?

Usually, nausea followed by vomiting is the initial symptom of alcohol poisoning.  These are warning signs from your body informing you that you had too much drink and it can’t be metabolize anymore.

Other symptoms include the following:

–         slurred speech

–         difficulty in awakening the person

–         confusion

–         pale skin

–         erratic behavior

–         loss of consciousness

–         absent or poor reflexes

–         seizures

–         absence of withdraw from painful stimuli

–         feeling very ill including frequent vomiting

–         lowered body temperature

Another fatal effect of alcoholic poisoning to the body are the alcohol overdose breathing problems.  The problem starts when the alcohol end product leaves the stomach.  Usually, it stayed there for a while before it goes to the small intestine.  From there, it enters into the bloodstream.  Afterwards, the alcohol is distributed in different parts of the body.  Since alcohol is a depressant, it can affect your breathing, slowing it down.

Alcohol overdose treatment

Once alcohol poisoning is noticed, immediately call for 911 or medical assistance.  Make sure that you keep the person awake.  He/she is likely taken to a hospital, while at the hospital, a gastric irrigation or gastric lavage is performed.  It is tube inserted via the nostrils or mouth to pump out the stomach contents.

Now that you know what an alcohol overdose is, it is important to you don’t drink more than your body can metabolize in one sitting alone.

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