What Hand does the Engagement Ring Go On?

Love is expressed in various ways. And this also depends upon the culture and traditions of couples. When couples get engage, it is customary for the man to buy his woman jewelry in the form of ring which serves as an emblem for engagement. What we usually witness these days is that when a man proposes marriage and this usually comes as a surprise, he presents an engagement ring that the woman receives wholeheartedly.

Traditionally, engagement rings are made of diamonds. But in the modern days, this usually comes in any gemstones and the cost of the ring depends upon the affordability of the man. In some cultures, the cost of the ring is shared by the couple and some may even wear matching rings bought by each partner for his and her behalf and other cultures even use the engagement ring as a wedding band.

What hand does the engagement ring go on? This is popularly asked by a lot of people, especially those who are getting engaged. The placement of the engagement ring matters a lot to them that is why they have to follow what is customary and traditional.

Commonly, the engagement ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand as this signifies the location of veina amoris, or also known as the “vein of love”. This vein is said to be the vein that is directly hinged to the heart that is why the symbol of love should be placed at the site that leads immediate to the heart. Other reason for placing the engagement ring at the fourth finger on the left hand is mainly because the heart is located at the left side, and which rationale to follow depends upon the couple.

However, the placement of the engagement ring is still dependent upon the tradition the couples hold. In the United Kingdom and America, the ring is placed at the left hand ring finger while in Ukraine it is worn at the right hand. In Germany, the engagement ring is placed on the left hand during the engagement period but is transferred on the right hand when finally married. In Poland, what is traditional is that both the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on the right hand.

Another concern people deal is at what hand should the engagement ring be placed during the wedding day? This matter actually depends upon the couple. But the etiquette dictates that the engagement ring and the wedding band should be both worn on the left hand. What is usually done during the wedding ceremony is that the engagement ring is temporarily positioned to the right hand but is transferred on the left hand after the wedding rites.

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