What Does WiFi Stand For?

In the past years, connecting to the Internet would require us to have a computer and a bundle of wires and cables. It is through these lines wherein we could have access to the World Wide Web. However, as time progressed, we were able to improvise our access to the Internet. Nowadays, we could already surf the net simply by using our high tech phones and the presence of the WiFi. Yes, it is through the use or the presence of the WiFi wherein we could access the Internet anywhere we want to. We could be eating at a restaurant, walking at the park, shopping at the mall or even working out at the gym, as long as there is a WiFi connection. But how does this WiFi connection work? And most of all, what does WiFi stand for?

If we were to define the meaning of the term WiFi, then the answer would be pretty simple. WiFi basically means Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is commonly utilized in order to form wireless local area networks. This means that it enables sharing between computers, without the need for any connecting wires or cables. The WiFi standard that is followed in this connection is none other than the IEEE 802.11. With this, the information is being converted into radio signals, which makes it possible to be transmitted via a wireless medium. To know more about WiFi, the conversion of the information is done through the computer’s wireless adapter. Just like in laptops, signals are being translated through the use of the built in wireless adapter and an antenna, which is parallel to the screen in order to catch the signals. But how can we connect to the WiFi?

One of the many best things about using a WiFi connection is the fact that its application is widespread. This means that it allows us to hook at the Internet even if we are not at home or inside a building. Nevertheless, in order to use the benefits of the WiFi, we must also need an access to the network in order to use the wireless connection. In other words, if a connection is a secured wireless network, then we must have the wireless encryption key in order to access it. Most of the WiFi hotspots in a city are the coffee shops, restaurants, schools and other malls. Some cities would even plan of having the entire area a WiFi hotspot. This depends on how strong the adapter is in order to cover a huge place like the entire city. In addition to these, whenever we buy gadgets such as iPhones or any handy technology, we must make sure that they are tagged or labeled as WiFi ready or WiFi capable. This is the only way where we could identify whether or not the gadget is capable of detecting and accessing any connections.

These are just some of the basic facts about WiFi. Knowing these things will definitely help us understand, not only what WiFi means, but as well as how this amazing technology works.

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