What does the Name Kyle mean?

Giving names to babies while they are still in the womb is exciting. A lot of parents spend time to research on possible names and when they get the perfect names for their babies, they as well research for its meanings and origins. Because names are forever attached to a person’s identity, parents see to it their children are given decent and beautiful names.

One of the most popular names for baby boys is Kyle. This name is also used in naming girls and often met as surnames of people. What does the name Kyle mean? As this is an interesting name, it would also be fun to know what its meaning is. This name is derived from the Gaelic word “Caol”, which means straits or narrows. As a name for a place, this would mean a tapered body of water or simply pertains to a peninsula.

In a given name for a person, Kyle means physical attributes like tall and smart. This would be a good name for babies when parents want to impart such characteristics to their child. Kyle also means handsome and hard working, which makes the name even more beautiful and favorable.

In the 90’s, Kyle is one of the names that topped the popularity list. It was recorded that out of 1,220 men, 126 of them are named Kyle. And in the recent statistics, Kyle remains a favorable name, no wonder why there is so many Kyles in the world. A lot of celebrities and personalities are named with this name, making common people name their babies with such name as well.

To divert from the typical Kyle name, parents can also try on variant names of Kyle such as Kile, Kiley, Kye, Kyler, and Kyrell. With this, babies can have unique names but still holding the same origin and meaning with Kyle.

As stated above, knowing the meaning of person’s name is a lot of fun. We would know whether we are holding pleasant name meanings or it primarily came from absurd origins. This would also serve as a way for us to explain further our personalities, or can be used when there is a need for us to explain name meanings in school or simply answer a stranger asking what the meaning of our names is and where our parents got such names. We can also thank our parents for giving the names we bear as we can walk with confidence when we know our names hold such wonderful meaning.

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