What Does the EPA do?

The EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. It is the agency charged by the federal government of the United States to protect human health and the environment. But what does the EPA do? What does it exactly do and how does the EPA function?

When it comes to knowing what an agency does, it is vital to know first their mission, what they aim to achieve. The EPA, just like other agencies, has its own mission. Below is the mission and purpose of EPA, as stated in their official site.

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.
EPA’s purpose is to ensure that:
• all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn, and work;
• national efforts to reduce environmental risk are based on their best available scientific information;
• federal laws protecting human health and the environment are enforced fairly and effectively;
• environmental protection is an integral consideration in U.S. policies concerning natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade, and these factors are similarly considered in establishing environmental policy;
• all parts of society – communities, individuals, businesses, and state, local, tribal, governments – have access to accurate information sufficient to effectively participate in managing human health and environmental risks;
• environmental protection contributes to making our communities and ecosystems diverse, sustainable and economically productive; and
• the United States plays a leadership role in working with other nations to protect the global environment.
And to accomplish their mission and purpose, EPA works hard on developing and enforcing the regulations. After the Congress writes an environmental law, the EPA implements the law and writes regulations. EPA also gives grants to various projects, studies, and cleanups that will help them achieve their mission. There are also various laboratories located throughout the country that identify and solve environmental issues and problems. And what they know, they share it with the people. They publish information through written materials and through posting it in their web site. And they teach people about the environment. But all of these can’t be done by EPA alone, and so they sponsor partnerships with non-profit organizations, businesses, and state and local government.
There are some things that seem to be the concern of the Environmental Protection Agency like the endangered species and nuclear waste. Endangered species are dealt with by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. And nuclear waste is addressed by the Department of Energy’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management.

If you have more concerns on the environment and of the human health, you can visit their site at www.epa.gov

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