What does Quickening Feel Like?

There are things that we cannot fully understand if and only if we get to experience the real thing. We may have already heard that becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting yet painful things that could ever happen to a woman’s life. For sure, a lot of ladies are to relate to this kind of description about pregnancy; however, most men may not be able to grasp the idea to this kind of experience ever at all. Aside from the usual painful sensation of the actual delivery of the baby, there are also a lot of things that could be felt during the whole process of bearing a child. Some include annoying side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness, nausea, weakness and vomiting during the first stages, while other are fun and exciting sensations such as the quickening. So what is quickening and what does quickening feel like?

Before knowing what quickening feels, let us first learn what does this thing means. Quickening usually happened during the second trimester of pregnancy specifically during the 5th month. Quickening is actually the term that refers to the movement of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Although this movement is usually felt on the middle part of pregnancy, the baby can actually already move as early as the 8th or 9th week of pregnancy. This is, nevertheless, not usually felt, since the baby or the fetus is still very small to notice the movements. However, mothers have also claimed that noticeable movement could already be felt as early as the 14th week of gestation. Because there is no exact date as to when quickening can occur, some women can also feel this as late as the 26th week. This is common for women who are overweight.

So what does this exciting sensation feels? Some women who have already undergone through pregnancy countless of times have described the feeling of quickening as similar to having butterflies in the stomach. When a baby moves, the baby usually uses its legs and/or arms is kicking or pushing the walls of the uterus. The feeling of quickening is also described as something unusual. It is compared to having someone trapped inside the uterus while trying to tap the uterus. First time moms will also get to experience their first sensation of quickening with the way the baby kicks or moves around the womb. This might feel unusual at first but mothers will eventually get used to this feeling as the weeks will progress.

The duration of quickening also varies from one person to another. Some women can experience the movement every day, while other can only sense them three times a week. Experts say the being still can promote quickening to occur since it makes the baby awake; however, constant moving or walking can rock the baby to sleep, thus making the movements less evident. These are some of the things that all of us, including the men, needs to know about quickening.

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