What does Magnesium do for the Body?

Our body needs various vitamins and minerals to keep us optimally healthy and strong. We can take in the nutrients we need through our diet and this explains why we need to have a well balanced food intake. We can also get important vitamins and minerals through supplements readily available today. Out from the multitude of minerals our body need, one of the most essential mineral our body utilizes is magnesium.

What is magnesium and what does magnesium do for the body? Magnesium is a mineral produced abundantly in our system. It is very essential to our health that is why 50% of this is found in bones and 50% is found in cells and tissues of our body organs. Magnesium keeps our body going and it serves several functions such as:

• Keeps our muscles and nerves function normally
• Maintains the rhythm of our heart at a steady pace
• Enhances our immune system
• Makes the bones stronger
• Maintains normal blood pressure
• Helps regulate blood glucose levels
• Usable in protein and energy production
• Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

As we have noted above, magnesium does wonders in our body as it maintains our good health and provide us with ample energy for the day. In order for us to have adequate supply of magnesium, we must keep track of our diet and assure we are getting good sources of magnesium from foods like fruits and dark, leafy vegetables, peas and beans, nuts and whole grains. Even hard tap water serves as a good source of magnesium. Magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines and later on excreted from our system through the kidneys.

When we lack magnesium, we experience series of symptoms that can go worse when left untreated. Early symptoms of magnesium deficiency are anorexia, irritability, muscle twitching, poor memory, problems in learning and easy fatigability. When this condition is unmanaged, magnesium deficiency would then lead to escalated heartbeat and cardiovascular changes and these can be fatal. These would eventually lead to numbness and tingling sensations, muscular contraction, hallucinations and even delirium.

When we observe unusual changes in our body, it is important to get advises from the medical doctors so any problems can be screened. Since we have known through this article that magnesium is indeed an important mineral, we must not fail to consume food sources that aid through adequate magnesium production.

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