What does it mean if Your Poop Floats?

We would know if we indulge in proper diet when we eliminate stools that are considered normal and comes in perfect characteristics. Talking about poop may be odd but doing so will help us come into our senses that we need to modify our diet as soon as possible to live a healthier life, which is then again one way determined through our stools.

What comprises a healthy, normal and perfect stool? Some of its characteristics are its brown color, similar with a cardboard’s color, measures 4 to 8 inches long, and has a consistency similar with toothpaste. The stool we pass out must be soft and should contain a little amount of gas or odor. How do we make sure we eliminate this kind of stool? It is by eating the right kind of foods that contain high amount of fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

When our stools are soft enough, this would mean straining is prevented thus relieves us from possibilities of digestive tract diseases such as diverticulitis and hemorrhoids. Eating foods that are rich in fiber also do wonders in our health. It helps decrease blood cholesterol and blood pressure as well as preventing conditions like obesity and diabetes.

When we opt to go on a diet, we must incorporate fiber with our food consumption as this increases satiety, therefore making us eat less without compromising on nutrients as foods rich in fiber are also foods loaded with vitamins and minerals.

What happens if our poop floats? Is this a significant issue ? What does it mean if your poop floats? A lot of people are affected with this query as they would want to know if floaters (as what the poop that floats are often called) are healthy or could mean a disease condition.

Floating poop would mean we are eating enough fiber-rich foods. However, when we consistently eliminate such consistency of stool, this could mean something is wrong. When poop floats, it signifies high fat content in the stool which is often a manifestation of diseases like Celiac disease and cystic fibrosis.

Having floating poop would also mean there is too much gas in it. When there is excessive amount of gas, the density of the poop diminishes, thus making it float. When this happens for two weeks or more, it is wise for us to have it checked as it could be a sign of malabsorption.

How about when poop sinks immediately? What could this mean? Contrary to floaters, sinkers (stools that sink quickly after eliminated) would mean we are not eating enough fiber. We can solve this problem by eating sufficient amount of fiber to smoothen the passage of stool along the colon and decreasing fatty foods, as these make way to healthy poop elimination.

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