What does CV stand for?

Applying for a job is kind of tough especially when there are limited offers of employment. When we spot a good position we picture ourselves working at, we are immediately prompted to know the requirements for us to qualify such position and hope we get accepted.

As an applicant, we are often asked with the most common requirement, which is to submit a CV. What does CV stand for? There is a need to implore the meaning of this abbreviation as there are still many people out there who does not know its meaning.

CV stands for curriculum vitae. This is a document that summarizes complete academic records as well as personal information, qualifications and accomplishments. This is primarily needed in every job vacancies and we must make the best CV that we can to impress our future employers.

Though curriculum vitae come similar with resume, there is still a difference between the two documents. Resume is a document that provides brief and concise summary on our job experiences, education and skills and usually comes in less than two pages while a CV usually comes longer as detailed information are highly sought. But resume and curriculum vitae are used interchangeably in some countries and before we jump into submitting the needed requirements, we must double check if the employer needs a CV or a resume.

Because curriculum vitae pertain to a longer document, what are the elements that we should never forget to include? Information such as experiences in research and teaching must be included, publications, grants and fellowships if there is any, professional associations, any license and awards that serve usable with the position we are applying and other significant achievements we find related with the job we are seeking.

But before we are overwhelmed with so much information to include with our CV, we must not forget to include our name and contact information as these serve as important data. Imagine submitting CV without a name, this would cause us humiliation to our prospective employers. To make us more qualified with the job we wanted to get, we must sort our skills and experiences related with the job description we are applying.

What else makes an impressive CV? The information written on the document must be ordered properly or logically and this should come in the most readable format. We must maintain concise information and we must double check how we spelled words and our grammar as well. Such elements highly put an impression on us that is why we should hit it perfectly. And everything that we have written on the document must come with utmost honesty. It would be unethical for us to include data that are not true at all.

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