What does a Dove Represent?

Pigeons are birds that come from Columbidae family. There are hundreds of pigeon species and one of these is the doves. Doves are smaller-sized pigeons and have been used to represent various meanings from the oldest times up to the present.

One popular event that dove represented was during the story of Noah’s Ark. A dove was sent out to check whether the waters had dried up or not. This dove then returned with an olive branch on its beak that signified the great flood was over. Therefore, it is believed that a dove represents peace and good tidings.

Aside from this, what does a dove represent? This bird has been used to depict various symbols all throughout the world and was denoted as an important part of ancient civilizations, old cultures and beliefs and even superstitious beliefs.

The dove always represents hope, peace and miracles. People had believed this from the beginning of times. For Islam, their Three Holy Virgins was represented by doves together with stones and pillars. For the Japanese, it was a dove with a sword that announced the war is over. For the Chinese, the dove symbolizes good duty as well as long life and marital duty.

Back in the earliest civilizations, the pagans consider turtledoves as symbol for marital affection and fidelity as based on ways these doves mated. In Greek mythology, Athena’s bird was a dove which depicted renewal of life. In European superstitions, bad images of witches and devils can disguise themselves in any bird species with dove as an exemption.

A dove also represents innocence, gentleness, faith and constancy. In times of doubts and deceptions, an image of a dove helps us calm down and listen to the stillness that lies within our minds and hearts. Because of its divinity, we are brought back to sanity and take away our pressures and chaos.

In Christian beliefs, a dove represents love of God and man and a meditative life. It also signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost that lifts us up and strengthens our faith, love and worship to our Most Holy One. A dove that descends from the heavens also represents the Lord’s Baptism and in the Pentecost.

A dove also embodies the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts are: power, wisdom, wealth, strength, honor, glory and praise.

A dove has many meanings. To provide additions from its countless representations, a dove is also said to symbolize simplicity, meekness, sincerity and God’s deliverance.

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