What does 69 mean Sexually?

Anyone who is inexperienced in the joys of sex might wonder: what does 69 mean sexually? Is it the page number of some weird and wonderful position in the Kama Sutra, or is it your favorite dish from the local Chinese Takeaway restaurant?

When it comes to sex, the number 69 means neither of those things. Instead, anyone who uses the number 69 in a sexual context is referring to giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously. This might sound somewhat complicated, but it can be a very mutually satisfying way of passing a pleasurable interlude with your partner.

What does 69 mean sexually and what is oral sex?

Oral sex involves giving your partner pleasure via your mouth. When a man performs oral sex on a woman, he uses his mouth and tongue on her vaginal and/or anal area. This is called cunnilingus and/or annilingus and is extremely enjoyable. When a woman performs oral sex on a man, she uses her mouth and tongue to stimulate his penis and surrounding area. Unsurprisingly, most men are very keen to experience this as often as possible.

Mutual oral sex in the 69 position is as old as the hills. Men and women, plus all variations on that combo, have been enjoying the 69 position since time began. Receiving oral sex is always very enjoyable, unless your partner needs to perfect their technique, but giving at the same time as receiving takes the experience up to a whole new level.

But before you dive in (so to speak), you should consider the logistics of the exercise. You might assume that the 69 position is simple, right? Well it can be, but there are many variations worth considering before you give it a go.

Lying down with your partner is probably the easiest way to embark on a session of mutually pleasurable 69. It is basically top and tailing, so your head is facing their genitals, and vice versa. In most cases, this is fairly straight forward, but if there is big difference in height, one of you might have to do some shifting around to find a mutually satisfying position.

But whilst lying down and enjoying the 69 position is great fun, for the more athletic amongst you, there are plenty of other ways you can try out the 69 position. One variation is for the man to stand up while the woman hooks her thighs over his shoulders. The man has to support his partner’s weight and then both can concentrate on enjoying each other in the most intimate of ways.

One last thing worth mentioning for the uninitiated is that oral sex in the 69 position requires extra concentration if the pleasure is to be 100% mutual. What usually happens is that at least one partner gets too carried away on the receiving side to adequately perform well on the giving side. So always do your best to give as well as receive. It is also worth mentioning that the man should remember the rules of sexual etiquette and warn his partner when he is about to climax.

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