What do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches are pest we do not want to keep. As much as we loathe its existence in our home, it seems like there is no permanent way to eradicate its presence. These pests infest our food, feed on left over crumbs on the table, crawl on unwashed dishes and even infest our clothes and any other things we do not expect they would also attack.

We regard cockroaches as filthy pests. That is why we do not want it to be in our territories. They are vectors of diseases and this means we can contract illnesses and diseases due to the microorganisms they harbor. Undeniably we want these pests out of our way but as we notice, where humans exist, cockroaches also exist. Why? It is because they consider human homes as their source for bountiful food supply.

What do cockroaches eat anyway? They eat almost anything as these pests are not picky-eaters. They consume almost all kinds of food and linger on grease and moist that is why we always see them on unwashed dishes and unclean countertops. They eat what humans eat such as fruits, vegetables, breads and cereals.

They also infest on non-living things such as wood, paper, pet food, books and glue that is made from animal protein. And not to forget, they scavenge on garbage that is why cockroaches are naturally dirty pests, making this reason enough to eliminate them in our home.

One important key to eliminate cockroaches is to keep our home clean. Because these pests love to dwell on greasy, moist and unclean kitchen counters and other areas at home, we have to primarily make a good plan on how to keep them off the area, which can be effectively done by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting these areas.

As much as possible, we must wash the dishes after eating and wipe out crumbs and grease on the tables after meals. We must not leave opened food on top of the tables to prevent attracting cockroaches. We must provide well-sealed containers for food storage as well as keeping our food storage such as the refrigerator clean all the time. These simple means would reduce pest infestation.

We must also dispose garbage properly and this includes proper disposal of newspapers, books and boxes as these are also considered as food sources of cockroaches. Nesting or breeding spots must also be removed such as areas in the house that have easy water access. Vacuuming and dusting as often as we can also remove human and pest dust and dander, thus keeping the area free from cockroaches.

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