What Causes Cold Feet?

There are times in our lives when we notice extreme coldness in certain body parts such us our feet. We then wonder what causes cold feet as oftentimes we fear about getting diseases we are unaware of or just being uncomfortable with the feeling of coldness at this body area. Before getting into frenzy about misdiagnosing ourselves about diseases we read in various sources, let us read on what could be behind such feeling.

The general cause of cold feet is poor circulation. Proper circulation of blood keeps our body temperature within the normal range. However, when the blood is not well distributed on some body parts like the feet, the body temperature tends to lose normalcy as it would drop, thus causing us the feeling of coldness below.

Next, we must check the temperature of our environment. At times we fail to notice it is getting cold outside that is why we miss to put on proper clothing like coats, scarves, thick socks and boots. For protective purposes, we must equip ourselves with proper garments to keep our feet from getting too cold. Frostbite also can be the culprit of cold feet that is why we must prevent this to avoid skin and tissue damage. Our medications like antihypertensive drugs and antibiotics can also make our feet cold.

We can also get cold feet due to medical reasons. Before getting worried, it is best to consult the doctor if we often have this experience so that we can be checked thoroughly and to avoid wrong diagnosis. Some medical causes of cold feet are the following:

1. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. This is primarily caused by unmanaged diabetes. That is why there is a need for us to change lifestyle and monitor regularly our blood glucose level for proper diabetes management.
2. Hypothyroidism. Low levels of thyroid hormone can result to cold feet and other areas in the body.
3. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This is a medical condition that involves nerve compression in the ankle and foot that causes poor blood circulation thus, cold feet.
4. Raynaud’s Phenomenon
5. Buerger’s Disease

When getting uneasy with cold feet, it is advisable to consult the doctor so that any problems can be immediately determined. Early check and diagnosis would also mean early treatment that is why we must not be anxious about submitting ourselves for series of tests as these would only serve for our own benefit.

But when we just discovered that the cold feet we have is caused by minor reasons like environmental temperatures, then all we have to do is dress appropriately to prevent further coldness in the lower extremities.

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