What Can I Donate For Money?

We have all been there at some point in our lives: no money and no obvious way of earning any money without doing something highly illegal. It sucks, doesn’t it? In many cases, being strapped for cash is part of being a student, and many students do their best to come up with innovative ways of earning some cash. Asking: what can I donate for money is one such question that might spring to mind if you are utterly bereft of funds.

What can I donate for money?

Donating plasma is a way of making extra money, and one which often appeals to students. Obviously you cannot actually be paid for donating blood plasma, but since you will be reimbursed for your expenses at a very generous rate, it is rather like being paid and you definitely will not be out of pocket.

Donating hair is another money maker, but this will only work if you are currently blessed with long luxuriant locks as opposed to a shiny bald head. Wig making companies will buy hair, particularly if it is in good condition and long. So if you are ready for a new look, sell your hair for a cash reward.

If you are comfortable with the idea of making a slightly more “intimate” donation for money, men can donate sperm and women can choose to donate eggs for money.

For men, the process is very simple. It usually involves a private room, a selection of interesting magazines and DVDs, and a plastic sample jar. Once your sperm has been successfully screened for fertility and health problems, you can usually make more than one donation, so if you going through a “dry spell” and no end is in sight, why not get paid for doing something you would probably be doing anyway!

For women, egg donation is more complicated as it involves hormone injections, medical appointments, and a surgical procedure. As a result, the financial compensation is much greater, but if you really want to help a childless couple have a baby, the money is probably not all that important.

Another option for raising some cash is to donate your body to medical research, and no, I am not suggesting that you die to please your bank manager! A way of making money is to agree to become a test subject for medical studies being carried out on human patients. However, be aware that there is always a risk involved in such research, so think carefully before you agree to be exposed to some new and virulent strain of virus in the name of medical research!

What can I donate for money in aid of charity?

There are lots of things you can donate for money in aid of a charitable cause, the most obvious being your time. Why not offer to be a “slave for a day” and let people bid for your services? Alternatively, if you like the look of the potential recipients, donate a kiss in return for cash. Just be aware that this can seriously backfire if you end up with a long queue of very unattractive people lining up to kiss you!

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