The Biggest Crocodile in the World

Humans perceive crocodiles as deadly creatures. Yes, they are indeed deadly because there are already many reports about humans being devoured by these humongous-sized reptiles, either by drowning them or crushing their skulls. What a brutal way to die! That is why we should pay heed with the signs or warnings that wildlife officials put up nearby bodies of water to safeguard our life.

Crocodiles are reptiles that belong to the family crocodylidae. They are large-sized aquatic animals commonly found in the tropics such as in Africa, Asia, some portions in America and in Australia. Most of the crocodiles love to dwell in fresh bodies of water like in river, lakes and brackish water. They catch their prey where they dwell and enjoy sumptuous meals out from fishes, other reptiles, mammals and invertebrates like mollusks. And like mentioned earlier, they capture humans as well that is why it is best to keep away in areas where crocodiles likely live.

Since crocodiles are found in many areas in the world, do we know what the biggest crocodile in the world is? The biggest crocodile in the world is the Saltwater Crocodile or commonly called as saltie. This crocodile is commonly found at Northern Australia and South East Asia. Its physical dimensions are 5.5 meters to 6.3 meters in length and can weigh more than 910 kilograms. This sure is massive specie of a crocodile!

Because of its immense size, it poses threat to humankind. In North Australia, attacks are rare as it is reported there is only 1 to 2 annually. However, in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, people are often threatened about Saltwater Crocodile attacks.

Even though crocodiles can put human life in danger as well as other animals in this world, illegal capture or killings are still prohibited as these crocodiles are already considered as endangered species. Usually, humans make a lot of money through crocodile skin transformed into expensive purses, bags, shoes and other leather accessories. Many are attracted with the beauty of their skin made into these things that is why they invest a lot of money just to collect items made from crocodile skin.

Crocodile meat is also served in various dishes as many testified it taste delicious. But amidst the beauty and taste of crocodile, it is still wise to preserve them and allow them to live for future generations to see and appreciate.

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