What are the Symptoms of Parasites in your body?

This article will lay out some of the symptoms of parasites when they have infected your body. We all know what a stomach ache is as we have all experienced one. Normally the symptoms will worsen in the beginning and after 2 or 3 days most of the symptoms will be gone.  You will feel better and start living your normal life again. But sometimes the pain, nausea and diarrhea will not end, they will get worse. As you have never experienced a stomach ache like this before you probably know that something is wrong. But what is wrong? How do you know when you carry parasites within your body?

Well your first symptom that something is not ordinary is when you have a stomach ache that holds on for longer than is normal. Everybody is sick ones in a while and some are sick longer than others so you have to compare this to your own situation. Don’t panic if you have the same symptoms over 4 days when it is normal only 2 days. But when you are still after a week than you know this is not a normal stomach ache anymore.

You don’t have to life in Afrika or have been to Brazil to get infected by parasites. There are parasites all around us and sometimes it is very easy to get infected with them. The problem with parasite infections is that the accompanied symptoms are exactly the same as any gastrointestinal disorder. Because you will most often carry them in your stomach or intestines, the symptoms are often diarrhea, stomach ache, fever and cramps. Where a normal infection tends to get milder after 2 or 3 days, these type infections will only get worse.

But not everyone will notice that they were infected by parasites at the first place. In most cases you will experience a severe stomach flu and after this the parasite will leave your body. Many people have carried a parasite within their body without knowing. After the parasite has left your body, all will go back to normal.

If you feel that you don’t have an ordinary stomach flu than it is wise to seek contact with your doctor. After some examinations he will probably start with some medication. In most cases this will be enough because the medication will kill the parasite. But sometimes the medication will not work and the problem will only get worse.

One reason why it could get worse is because the parasite is spreading in your body. They usually lay egsg in your intestines and when they come out you have a bigger problem. When the problem is spreading this could lead to symptoms like Insomnia, itching around your anus and sometimes hyperactivity (especially in children).

In most cases medication will help you get rid of the parasites, one way or the other. When the problem is still mild you could also consider cleansing. Whatever you do, always ask your doctor for direct advice on the matter and don’t go experiencing yourself. In 99% the parasites are easy to get rid off with the help of your doctor, you don’t want to meet the other 1% and figure it out for yourself. If you have symptoms of parasites in your body than seek medical attention immediately.

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