Some Interesting facts on Louisiana you Probably didn’t knew

Louisiana is a state located at the United States’ southern region. It became the 18th state in America on April 30, 1812 and the name of the state was derived in honor to the King of France, Louis XIV. Louisiana, or also known as the “Pelican State” calls its political subdivisions as parishes rather than what the other states call as counties.

There are many interesting facts about Louisiana that we should know. The state capital is Baton Rouge and among the 64 parishes in the state, the biggest is New Orleans. This state is home for 4,523,628 residents as of 2005 and the locals in this state are called Louisianan.

Louisiana was discovered by Spanish explorers but was later on handed to Louis XIV of France in 1682, hence the name Louisiana. After the French and Indian Wars, the state was surrendered to Spain in 1763 but was then given back again to France in 1800.

How come this state happens to be an American state in the present times? It is because Napoleon sold this land to the United Sates in 1803, therefore making it a part of the U.S territory. Because of French and Spanish colonialism in this state, Louisianans speak various languages. The cultures of the people here are also mixed with French, Spanish, Indian and African.

Louisiana, like the other states in the United States, is represented by various emblems like:

State Flower: Magnolia
State Tree: Bald Cypress
State Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican
State Motto: Union, Justice and Confidence

The economy of Louisiana boomed upon the discovery of various products like natural gas, salt, petroleum and sulfur. At the present times, this state is the leader in producing such products and more and more of these are derived from offshore deposits. Aside from these, Louisiana is also noted for vast manufacturing of paper, processed foods, lumber and wood, equipments for transportation purposes, and chemicals.

Agricultural items are also largely produced in this state. It ranked as the second producer of sugar cane and sweet potatoes, third in rice production and fifth in cotton and pecan production.

When wanting to visit tourist destinations, Louisiana can showcase sightseers with wonderful tourist spots. They can stop over New Orleans and visit the French Quarter and the Superdome and can even join the festive annual Mardi Gras celebration. For reminiscing mementos of Louisiana’s history, they should stop at the historic plantation homes at Natchitoches and New Iberia, visit the Chalmette National Historic Park and Cajun country along the Mississippi Delta Region.

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