Should I Wear a Bra to Bed?

“Should I wear a bra to bed?” This question has been brought among many young girls, especially those who have just started wearing one. I, myself, along with my girlfriends, have talked about this too when we were younger. My friend says that she wears her bra all the time, even if she has no plans of going out of the house and even if she is going to bed at night. And so, do women really need to wear their bras at night?

Well, the truth is, women don’t really need to wear a bra when they are sleeping. There’s really no point in keeping that binding around you the entire day and night. And there are actually great benefits from not wearing any bra to bed. One is comfort. You must admit, wearing a bra all day can be uncomfortable. And wearing it even when you are in bed seems to make things worse. It feels like there is a constriction around your breasts. And if you leave in a warm climate, it can be pretty hot.

Another reason why some women do not wear bras to bed is the theory that it can cause breast cancer. There’s a theory that the bra can be very constricting and that the underwire would be inhibiting the lymphatic system present in your breasts. And this would prevent the toxins from exiting your body which would then lead to breast cancer. However, we should note that there have not been enough studies to prove this yet. This remains a theory. But a worn out bra with the underwire showing can be really uncomfortable. You may not have breast cancer but you may get scratched by the poking underwire if you keep on wearing your bra to bed.

These are the main two reasons why some women don’t wear a bra to bed. Other women who prefer to wear one to sleep also have their own reasons. For some women, wearing a bra is much comfortable than not wearing any. It supports their breasts and keeps their breast from sagging. This is mainly the reason behind some women wearing their bras at night. Nobody wants saggy breasts so wear a bra.

However, there’s no truth behind bras preventing your breasts from sagging. Once you remove your bra, your breasts go back to their original shape or form. It supports your breasts while you’re wearing it but once it is off, you go back to the way it was before. There are also some theories that constantly wearing your bras could make your breast sag even more in the future because the ligaments in your breasts are no longer strengthened. The bra takes the job of the ligaments and so the ligaments are no longer developed. Whether this is true or not, you don’t really need much support when you’re sleeping. When you’re lying on your back, your breasts are not stretched or stressed in any way that they would need support.

So, should I wear a bra to bed? Well, personally, I would say no to wearing bra to bed. Set them free. It’s much more comfortable that way.

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