What are the Qualities of an Entrepreneur?

?What makes an entrepreneur successful is not how brilliant a business idea he has, it is instead how many skills he has with which to achieve his goals.  Getting started in business, especially in a bad economy, can be a frightening prospect, and not everyone has what it takes to cut the mustard in the business world.  Knowing the qualities of an entrepreneur will need for success will help you make one of the most important decisions in your whole life, and keep you from jumping head first into shark infested waters.

What Makes Me Such an Expert?

I have started and (failed at) a few businesses of my own, and have worked with everyone from total strangers to my family members, and I learned a lot about who can be in business and who can’t.  I have also succeeded at quite a few, and have tons of experience with getting these small ideas off the ground, and have achieved success in one of the toughest fields, profiting in the horse market is a real pain in the rump, and most horse businesses are defiantly “Hobby” businesses so I see bunches of folks working for the sake of it.

What an Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The first thing you have to know is never do business with family, or you won’t have one.  Precious few families can hold it together through the tough years and still like each other, either someone doesn’t work enough, or someone isn’t sharing this, or someone actually isn’t pulling their own weight.  Families businesses in my opinion are an invitation for theft, and the people exploiting the situation won’t see what they are doing as theft.  The next thing you have to have is a business plan, without one you are sure to fail.  You need to have a good idea of what you are selling to whom, and whether or not they actually want to buy it.  The final piece of advice is make yourself a timeline with milestones of achievement, and keep going at it, this will help get you through those rough first couple years in business, and help keep you from getting discouraged.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to be fearless, and unshakable, because the first years at lest are going to be a real monster.  They also need to be good with people on some level, because even if you are working exclusively online you will be selling a product to a customer.  You will not be successful if your client base is unhappy.  You must be practical, and have a good sense of knowing that there are people out there that you will never make money on no matter how hard you try, and that they are better to let go that to dump precious resources into that bottomless pit.  Entrepreneurs must also have a great sense of timing to be successful, as it does absolutely no good to have a genius idea after the boat has long sailed and the opportunity window has closed.  These are the most important qualities of an entrepreneur.

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