How To Get Pure Drinking Water?

Water is very important to our body as almost 70% of our body consists out of water. All chemical processes in our body are dependent on water and will not work without it. Water is the essence of life and we are all dependent to it. Sadly our society is not that careful with our drinking supplies. Many factories are dumping waste in the same waters that we will drink. Your body needs pure drinking water and not all that added chemicals and waste that will only do harm to it.

Until 1900 we did were not very careful to our drinking wells. We dumped almost everything directly in to the same water that we needed to wash ourselves and drink water from. Sewers were connected to our rivers directly and this caused some outbreak of diseases like polio and typhus. To stop further outbreaks of this diseases, we added chemicals to the water like fluoride and chlorine to purify the waters. Little did we knew that these chemicals were also not that healthy for our body.

Recent research has shown that chlorine and fluoride do harm to our bodies. They increase the chance of certain types of cancer and are also associated with miscarriages. Although many countries now have almost pure drinking water, there are still chemicals added to our drinking supplies that could do harm to our health. If you want to ensure pure drinking water than there are a couple of options to consider. Especially if you live in areas where the drinking water is polluted than you should consider some kind of filtering. You can find out if your water is polluted by testing it on chemicals. You can take a sample and call a laboratory if they will test it. After that you can buy a water purifier filter that will purify your water and make it safer to drink it.

Another option is buying pure drinking water bottles. In countries like Spain and Italy it is very normal to drink bottled water instead of tap water because it is more healthy and cleaner. Bottled water often have healthy minerals added instead of unhealthy chemicals. If you want to know what types of bottled drinking water are healthy for you than read some consumer magazines that cover this subject.

Pure drinking water is healthier in many aspects. You should not only care for what you eat, but also what you drink. However, don’t forget to recycle water bottles and not throw them away so they can do damage to our environment.

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