What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy?

Solar energy might be one of the solutions to provide us energy and power when energy sources like oil will be gone. But what are the pros and cons of solar energy? This article will provide advantages of solar energy but also some disadvantages of solar energy.

Pros of Solar Energy

* Using solar energy in order to produce electricity will make you less dependent to other energy sources in the world (like fossil energy sources)

* Another advantage of solar energy is that it is less expensive compared to other energy sources. The initial costs of installing solar panels are a bit high, but after that you will collect free energy to use in your home.

* Solar panels are easy to install. Most of the times you can install them on your rooftop so you will have enough space for them.

* It is a very efficient source of energy especially if you live in a country with a lot of sun hours. New technologies are making it possible to increase energy production even in days without much sun.

* If you live in remote locations than installing solar panels will cost less compared to building voltage wires.

* A great advantage of solar energy is that is does not cause any pollution. The only pollution they produce is the result of the production of the solar panels and transportation.

* Other sources that produce energy are quite noisy but solar panels will not cause any noise at all.

* Another great example of pros of solar energy is that you can install solar energy in every remote place possible. Living in remote places sometimes brings the difficulty of using electricity, but solar energy can solve this problem.

Cons of Solar Energy

There are not only positive points associated with solar energy, there are also some cons to use solar energy.

* One of the major reasons solar energy is not as popular as it should be are the initial costs associated with it. You have to buy solar panels and these could cost you over $1000 a panel. One panel will not be enough to cover a full household so you need to buy more than one.

* Solar panels are dependent of the sun. When there is no sunlight or at night, it will not produce any electricity.

* Another con of solar energy is that it is weather dependent. If the weather outside is lousy than you will not get much electricity.

* Ironically pollution is one of the reasons why solar panels are not efficient enough. Pollutions is causing smog and the smog withholds solar beams to reach the solar panels. If we could sort out pollution than solar panels would be much more efficient.

This was a short list of pros and cons of solar energy. Probably the main reason why it has not reached it potential are the initial costs associated with it. Many people are not able to pay $2000 or more for some solar panels so they can produce free electricity. Because fossil fuels are still low priced it will take a while before much more people will use solar energy as their main energy source.

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