Pink Eye Home Treatment

Our sense of sight is a very vital organ. It serves as our window to the world to witness the beauty around us. But what happens when something is wrong with our eyes? Our sense of sight is obstructed and things may get worse when eye problems are left unattended. We may lose this important organ eventually that is why we are prompted to undergo treatments and interventions before it is too late.

There are various eye problems that we are aware of such as cataracts, visual defects and glaucoma. Another eye problem that is more common to us is conjunctivitis or also known as “pink eye”. The term pink eye was derived from the physical appearance of the eyes when affected with such condition. Because of infection due to virus or bacteria, the eyelid and or the eyeballs get that reddish or pinkish color.

What causes pink eye? Aside from viral or bacterial infection, pink eye is also caused by excessive eye dryness, chemicals and allergies. The infection can range from mild to severe cases and symptoms includes eye redness, swollen eyelids, itching and burning sensation, yellow to green eye discharges, light sensitivity and eye crusting.

When discharges are greenish or yellowish, this means there is presence of pus and infection is severe. It is very important to seek medical advises as this is a serious problem that needs prompt medical interventions. Usually, they would prescribe antibiotics to treat the problem. However, not all cases are severe. Mild conjunctivitis would only need pink eye home treatment, thus making us save more money.

The most common way to resolve this eye problem is to apply cool or warm compress on the affected eye. Compression should be done as often as needed and this will help soothe and clear up the eye/s within 7 to 10 days. When symptoms have not subsided after 10 days, it is best to seek medical help to avoid further problems.

Aside from cool or warm compress, we can also employ other remedies at the comforts of our home. These are safe and effective for pink eye. But still it is best to consult the doctor when we opt to try on the following methods to assure we are at the right track of treating conjunctivitis:

1. Boric Acid. This is used as eyewash to relieve eye discomforts.
2. Tea. This is effective in treating allergic pink eye discomforts. Before application, it is important to boil the teabags and let it cool for a while. Then, apply it over the affected eye/s.
3. Honey. Mix a drop of honey with warm water and use as eye drops over the infected eye/s. Note that this remedy produces burning sensation.

Important tips to remember:
1. Avoid rubbing one eye after the other as conjunctivitis is a contagious eye problem.
2. Wash hands frequently to avoid transmission of infection.
3. Consult the doctor if there are any other unusual symptoms experienced.

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