What are Male Hot Flashes?

Male hot flashes really do exist!  Unknown to many, it is not only the women who suffer from this condition.  Even though when we heard the words, hot flashes, we immediately associate it with menopausal women.  In truth, men also experience hot flashes.

Male hot flashes is often not openly talk about by men, since some of them are too embarrassed to admit that they suffer from it.  And hot flashes in men are as uncomfortable as what women feel.

Before we discuss its signs and symptoms, first, we must know what male hot flashes causes are.  Mainly, hormonal changes are often the cause of this, but there are also other factors that lead to male hot flashes.

Andropause:  it is the counterpart of menopause in men.  It is part of the aging process in mean, and can last for 5 to 15 years.

Infection:  Tuberculosis, Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or AIDS can also result to male hot flashes and night sweats.

Hormone levels:  When there is hormonal imbalance in men, like in the case of low testosterone level or androgen level.  It usually happen when they are in their 50’s but can occur as early as mid 30’s.

Reaction to medications or food:  An example of this is the reaction to a food additive like Monosodium glutamate (MSG).  Try to monitor your diet, and if it is MSG that is causing your hot flashes, eliminate it.  On the other hand, some people have allergic reaction to some drugs, like Niacin, Calcitonin and Nifedipine.

Cancer or Tumor: Hot flashes in men are also cause by cancer in the pituitary gland. Prostate and Testicular cancer also lead to hot flashes because they can affect the hormone level in the body.

Other causes include, eating spicy food, drinking caffeinated drinks.

The symptoms of hot flashes in men vary from mild to severe.  Usually, the heat sensation started from the face then travel down to the neck and chest area.  Skin redness and slight sweating is noted.  Afterward, the person will have cool, clammy and uncomfortable sensation.

Male hot flashes treatment

To properly treat the condition, you must first consult your doctor, then, your blood is tested for testosterone level.  Once you are diagnosed, proper treatment is then started, like hormonal therapy.  Also, medications are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of hot flashes.

On one hand, there are some measures that you can do to reduce the effects of male hot flashes.  You can:

–         increase water intake throughout the day

–         wear loose and light clothing

–         keep the windows open or turned the air condition on

–         reduce your stress level, since male hot flashes stress exist

–         avoid spicy foods and caffeine drinks

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