Is it Safe to Fly when Pregnant?

[phpzonsidebar keywords=”Pregnancy” num=”5″ country=”US” searchindex=”All” trackingid=”smellybrain-20″ id=”3″]Pregnancy is considered as one of the mist crucial stages of a woman’s life. The health risk is not high just for the mother, but as well as for the baby she is carrying in her womb. This is why pregnant women are considered very vulnerable. Because of this, a lot of lifestyle changes, diet modifications and safety hazards are considered by an expectant woman. These alterations are made in order to make her less susceptible to risks and health hazards. These changes include eating more nutritious foods, having more time to rest, reducing stressful situations or even avoiding riding on airplanes. The last condition may sound very disbelieving, but is it really safe to fly when pregnant?

Doctors have concluded that traveling by air, which means via airplanes, is generally harmless for most pregnant women. However, physicians do advice expectant women not to ride on planes if they are on their third trimester. The third trimester is defined as the 7th, 8th and 9th month of pregnancy or in other words, the last stages of the developing fetus. This is recommended in order to avoid any incidences of early labor. Doctors even identified that the 2nd trimester would be the safest period or phase of pregnancy to travel. This is said so because the first trimester is considered the most critical period. This is the phase where the vital parts of the fetus, such as the hearth and the brain, are starting to form and develop. This is otherwise known as organogenesis. However, doctors are not the only one who can decide whether a pregnant woman can ride on a plane. This situation also depends on the protocol or the rules of the airline.

Most airline companies allow pregnant women to ride on their plane only up to the 8th month. Women who can ride the airplane on their 9th month are very rare and are only allowed if only there is permission from the doctor. An airline company would usually just rely on the words of the woman as to how far she is in her pregnancy.

Pregnant women should also consider their situation. Most women would like to ride on planes when they are pregnant there are some rules that state that once a woman gives birth to a child aboard a flying plane, the airline company is said to be responsible for the expenses and lifetime education of the child. This is also the reason why airline companies see to it that there is no chance for a delivery to happen in a flying airplane. Aside from this particular law or rule, pregnant women are also not allowed to ride planes since the space inside is not conducive for them. The aisles are very narrow, and the bathrooms are also very small making it hard for them to move. As most women who experienced pregnancy know, carrying a human being in the womb is not easy at all.

If there is a definite need to travel by plane during pregnancy, then women should make sure that they only ride on major airlines. Riding on these will be a lot safer than any other air traveling companies. It is also important not to exceed an altitude of over 7,000 feet, most especially in smaller airplanes. This can cause problems not just for the mother, but as well as for the baby she is carrying.

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