Is it Safe to Eat Raw Eggs?

Eggs can be cooked in several ways, from cooking it scrambled, sunny side up or hard-boiled.  Further, they are almost always present in every breakfast table.  However, questions have risen regarding eating uncooked eggs.  Is it safe to eat raw eggs?  And, is it safe to eat raw eggs while pregnant?

First and foremost, eating raw eggs or any raw food for that matter, is high risk for food borne illness.  Many may not be aware that raw eggs are part of the ingredients of some foods we love to eat, such as homemade ice cream, salad dressings, meringue, mousse, just to name a few.  The question now is, is it safe to eat raw eggs in ice cream? Or, is it safe to eat raw eggs in mousse?  In general, eating raw eggs is not safe.  There are two health concerns regarding eating of uncooked eggs; Salmonella poisoning and Biotin deficiency.

With regard to Salmonella poisoning, although you can get infected with this bacteria, the possibility is low.  Salmonella is present only in 1 out of 30, 000 eggs.  The chances are only 0.0003%.  If in case you contacted Salmonella, you will experience some symptoms that include fever, cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.  To reduce the possibility of being infected with these bacteria, purchase eggs from cage-free, organically certified chicken eggs.

In addition, Biotin deficiency should be taken into account when eating raw eggs.  Biotin is an important vitamin needed by the body to function normally.  But it is unlikely to happen when you consumed uncooked eggs occasionally.

On the other hand, there are ways to reduce or eliminate the risk of ever contacting food borne illnesses.  One of them is to buy eggs from refrigerated case, then, place them in your fridge immediately when you get home.  Another is, place all the foods that contain eggs in the refrigerator.  Next, hard boiled eggs must be refrigerated two hours after cooking.  Lastly, it is recommended to use pasteurized eggs that have been heated for foods like mousse, ice cream, Caesar’s salad, etc.

People who have weak immune system, like the elderly, children, pregnant women, and AIDS or HIV patients are of greater risk of succumbing to food-borne diseases, like Salmonella poisoning.

By and large, no matter how small the risk is, it’s a risk not worth taking.  Because there is always a slim chance that you may experience Salmonella poisoning by eating raw eggs.

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