Is it Good to Pop Pimples?

Spots and blemishes are the bane of most teenagers’ lives. They inevitably appear during stressful periods and if you have a hot date lined up, you can pretty much guarantee that you look in the mirror the evening before and discover a huge zit staring back at you. But, even worse, growing up into adulthood is no guarantee you will be permanently free from spots! Many adults are also prone to spots and blemishes, and in particular women. So if you are afflicted with a large and very ripe spot, is it good to pop pimples?

Most of the time, no, it is not a good idea to try popping a spot. The danger of messing with spots and blemishes is that you will introduce further infection to the area and make the spot ten times worse. You are also likely to end up with scarring, which is never a good look on your face.

Is it good to pop pimples if they are white?

In some cases, popping a pimple is acceptable, but you need to be very careful in order to avoid exacerbating the blemish. If the spot is very ripe and you can see the white pus bubbling away just below the surface, popping it can actually speed up the healing process and help you face the world sooner rather than later.

Prior to popping a spot, always wash your hands and clean your face first. This will help to reduce the risk of introducing infection into the area and causing you to end up with a large boil that only a blind person could miss seeing. It is also a good idea to exfoliate the skin before attempting to pop a spot as this will help to remove any dead skin and make it easier for the surface of the spot to open up and release the underlying pus.

Wrap your fingers with tissue to avoid damaging your delicate skin and apply pressure to the sides of the spot gently. Squeeze upwards firmly, but do not be tempted to force the spot. If it is ready to pop, this will happen very easily, but if nothing happens with a reasonable amount of pressure, leave the spot alone before you make it ten times worse.

If the spot pops open without too much effort, squeeze gently to drain the pus away and mop it up with tissues. Try and avoid touching the open surface of the spot or you might introduce nasty bacteria. Once all the pus has drained, do not keep squeezing until the spot bleeds—this will lead to scarring.

Finally, wipe the area with antiseptic solution to help prevent infection and clean any residual pus away. Benzoyl peroxide acne cream is very useful at this point, as it will help dry the spot up as well as killing any bacteria lurking inside the blemish.

Hopefully this will now be the beginning of the end for your mini volcanic facial eruption and your social life can resume within a day or so.

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