Is It Good To Fish In The Rain?

When it begins to rain on a camping trip, a common question often arises; is it good to fish in the rain? The answer to this question depends, greatly, on personal preferences. If it is worth getting wet for the chance to catch fish, the answer is yes. It is, however, important to stay dry when trying to catch fish. It would not be worth catching a cold to most people, but with a poncho or raincoat, the chances of catching fish while it is raining are as good as or even better than when it is not raining. Rain creates some interesting circumstances from the point of view of a fish.

Fish seem to eat when the barometer is rising. As the barometric pressure falls, the weather tends to get wetter. If it is raining, already, the barometer must begin to rise at some point, which will improve the probability of catching fish. If it is getting worse as time passes, it may mean that it is still falling. When the rain begins to let up, this may be your best chance to try to catch a fish. Rain can improve the chance of catching fish in several ways.

If the fish are lethargic and calm, they probably will not be interested in looking for food, but rain creates an activity on the water’s surface that can arouse a sleepy fish. Rain also infuses oxygen into the water and the oxygen will energize and invigorate the fish possibly making them want to look for food, as well. This will happen after a considerable amount of rain has fallen, however.

Rain has another benefit for the dedicated angler. It provides an abundance of food for fish, which makes them begin to feed. Rain knocks insects out of the trees and off plants, and it also causes earthworms to come out of the ground. The earthworms, which happen to be a delicacy to fish, are washed in where the fish can feed upon them.

Is it good to fish in the rain? The answer to this common question is a resounding “Yes” if preparations are made to stay dry. The optimum time to fish while it is raining is as the rain begins to let up. This will mean that the barometric pressure is beginning to rise. The best bait to use will resemble what the fish will be eating naturally, which is insects and earthworms. Allowing an earthworm to roll in and move along the bottom as if it has just been washed in will produce excellent results.

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