Is it Good to Feel Sore After a Workout?

I consider myself a gym buff. Going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week is one of the things that I like doing the most. It helps maintain my body in good physical condition and it also keeps me healthy and strong. However, doing regular exercises can also entail consequences. One of these is the experiencing of body pains right after workouts. This made me wonder, is it good to feel sore after a workout?

Muscle pain and other body discomforts are very common after doing workout routines. This means that the muscles are not yet adjusted to the type of activity being performed. This is considered as a normal body reaction from the rigorous workouts in the gym. Even though these discomforts are expected, there are still some ways in order to lessen the soreness of the body. I was able to prove this when my gym instructor told me about it. The key to toning down the pain is by doing proper stretching prior to the actual exercise routine. Stretching my muscles in the different parts of my body helps in warming up my condition. This prevents easy muscle fatigability thus making my body less prone to experiencing soreness. Nevertheless, doing stretching does not guarantee the total alleviation of pain. It only helps in reducing the suffering of the body by conditioning it before the workout.

Stretching likewise helped me recover fast from the after effects of the work out, but it did keep me from experiencing the discomforts. What I did in order to comfort my body is that I took warm showers instead of cold ones. Warm water can actually help soothe the inflamed muscles in the body making the pain tolerable. The inflammation of the muscles is also considered as a natural reaction, which commonly goes hand in hand with the pain. I realized that if I lessen the inflammation, the pain will also be significantly reduced. Just like what I mentioned earlier, this can be done by taking warm showers. I also tried applying a warm compress or application on painful muscle areas in order to tone down the soreness. This likewise worked effectively. In case the pain becomes too severe, I always turn to pharmacological interventions. I tried drinking Ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug. This, to my relief, worked out very well and very fast.

Is it good to feel sore after a workout? For me, the feeling of soreness makes me very happy because I know that I was able to work out the different muscle groups in my body. However, once the pain gets out of hand, this should never be ignored or taken for granted. I know that pain can also be a sign for more serious complications.

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