Is it good to drink milk before bedtime?

Is it good to drink milk before bed? Yes, there are numerous reasons why drinking milk before bedtime is good for you. In fact, drinking milk at any time of the day or night is good for you! Milk is packed full of healthy nutrients and it is one of the healthiest drinks you can have, as well as being one of the tastiest.

By drinking at least twenty-four ounces of milk per day, you will gain access to an excellent source of protein and calcium. The protein found in milk contains all nine essential amino acids the body requires to successfully carry out the daily processes that keep our bodies functioning healthily. Calcium is of course very important for building bone density, which is vital as we age, especially for women. Milk also contains high levels of vitamins, particularly vitamin D and K.

But why is it good to drink milk before bed in particular? Well obviously it is probably not such a great idea to drink your total recommended daily allowance of milk before your head hits the pillow as you are likely to be heading for the toilet not long after, but a drink of around eight ounces of milk before bed has many beneficial qualities.

One of the main health benefits of milk is its the high levels of protein. Around 80% of milk protein is in a form known as casein. Unlike whey, which is another dairy protein, casein is not soluble in water and cannot be absorbed by the human body very quickly. Once ingested, it can take a while to be absorbed into the cells, and because of this the human body tends not to prioritise the job. You can drink milk all day and get the necessary protein, but by drinking milk before bed your body will absorb the maximum amount of protein while you are sleeping.

Milk drunk before bed also helps you to sleep as it contains trytophan, a sleep inducing essential amino acid. However, this works better on an empty stomach, so ideally make sure you do not drink your glass of milk directly after a slap-up meal. Leave around two hours after eating for the best effect.

If you are one of those people who gets the munchies at bed time, milk is a good way to reduce your snack related cravings. Instead of succumbing to the urge to nibble on biscuits and sweet treats at bedtime, drink a glass of milk instead and go to sleep with feeling sated instead of sick.

For those who enjoy regular bouts of intense exercise, milk is the ideal recovery drink. You body recovers from punishing workouts while you are asleep. Milk at bedtime can significantly help aid this important recovery process as it helps to build stronger bones as well as repair damaged muscle fibres.

But aside from the obvious health benefits of drinking milk, there is something very soothing about a glass of warm milk at bedtime as it often invokes warm and fuzzy childhood memories. Lying tucked up under the duvet with a mug of warm milk sprinkled with cinnamon is an excellent way to de-stress after a tough day at the office. And if you don’t believe me, try it and see for yourself!

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