Is it Good to Drink Hot Water?

Is it good to drink hot water? This question might seem a little weird. After all, water is water, right? Wrong.

The truth is, there is a raging debate as to the health benefits of hot versus cold water. The reality is, both have their benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, certain scientific studies have actually shown that cold water helps burn off a greater amount of calories than steaming water. This is because, in order to digest the water, your body has to get the water to the body’s temperature.  However, there is insufficient research to show definite conclusions.

Also, it is able to be used by the blood stream a little better, because it is absorbed more easily. For this reason, it does a better job of keeping the body hydrated, and is awesome for drinking when working out.

So it sounds like cold water is better, right? Actually, consuming hot water has health benefits as well.

First, it will raise your temperature slightly. Therefore, your system will have to cool itself down slightly. The obvious way to accomplish this is via the sweat glands. Sweating actually is known to cleanse the system, so you discard the harmful toxins this way.

Therefore, drinking it actually helps purify your body a little more effectively than freezing water.  For this reason, if you are going on some sort of cleanse, consider drinking hot water to help speed things up.

Both hot and cold water have similar traits as well. One of the main ones is that both throw off the body’s core temperature. Since the system naturally is at 98.6, with freezing water it will have to find a way to heat itself up, and vise versa. Therefore, neither are particularly easy on the system.

Room temperature is by far the easiest on the system. This is because it does not have to either warm itself up or cool itself off.

However, even room temperature water has its shortcomings. After all, when you exercise, your body heats up to above its normal temperature and will still have to work harder to get the water to an agreeable temperature. Therefore, room temperature water will not cool it off as effectively as colder water. Steaming water will just make things worse.

So is it good to drink hot water? The answer is, it is in certain instances. If you are trying to purify your system, then it definitely does have heath benefits. It will eliminate the body’s toxins far more effectively than cold or lukewarm water could. However, following a vigorous workout, you definitely want to avoid it, as it will heat things up even more.

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