Is it Good to Crack Your Back?

Cracking different parts of our body is sometimes something that we do unconsciously. This means that cracking our fingers or our backs has already become an unconscious habit. Nevertheless, cracking these parts is always something that makes us feel very relieved. But how do we crack these parts of our body? Is it good to crack your back?

Although cracking our back has yet been proven with facts and researches that it is good or bad for the body, there is an assumption that doing this thing over and over again could basically cause slow damaging effects to our joints. However, if this is done rarely, cracking our backs could help us feel relieved and comfortable. Unlike cracking the neck, which is very risky and dangerous since it could loosen some ligaments, cracking the back can be very therapeutic due to its anti tension effects. Aside from this, it could also get rid of minor pains in the body. This is the reason why cracking the back is considered one of the procedures in back massage. Nevertheless, doing this process must also be done in the proper way. Here are some of the ways where we could crack our backs on our own with less risk of obtaining any type of injury.

This procedure is actually very simple. All we have to do is to sit upright on a chair and reach the left handle of the chair with our right hand and slowly turn our torso facing the left. We could then feel the stretch at our backs until we will eventually hear the cracking sound. This should also be done on the other side. Aside from this, we could also try sitting down with our left knee folded while our right leg is tucked underneath. We then place our left foot to the right side of our right leg and our right arm on the felt side of our left foot. Basically this is placing our extremities on the opposite side of our leg in order for the back to crack. Once done with the one side, we could already repeat the procedure on the other portion of our back. If we are still unsatisfied, we could always try reclining our backs in order to easily crack the joints in a soothing effect.

These are just some of the simple ways in order for us to safely crack our back and achieve the desired soothing effect of it. It is rather important for us to bear in mind that cracking our back must be done with complete precaution in order to prevent obtaining any serious or even minor injuries.

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