Is it Good for Cats to Eat Grass?

Cats are one of my favorite pets in the world. I did own a pet cat before, and her name was Kimone. Kimone was found by my sister years ago in a corner near the high way. She was thin, weak, hungry and very dirty. This pushed us to adopt Kimone and become one of our house pets. As Kimone grew older, she became more beautiful and playful. And just like any other cats, she also chased mice and other small animals like birds. In short, Kimone lived just like any other pet cats in the world.

Nevertheless, I noticed that cats do exhibit a lot of weird or rather unusual behaviors. One of these is eating grass. Everybody knows that cats are carnivorous animals. This means that they only eat cooked or raw meat. But there are indeed times when I witness my Kimone eating grass in our garden. This shocked me the first time I saw this. I even thought that Kimone might be the first vegetarian cat in the world! However, days after that incident, I noticed that there is a lot of cat vomitus with grass clippings littered around our lot. This made me wonder whether, is it good for cats to eat grass?

Because of that, I started to search for answers and I found out that it is perfectly NORMAL for cats to eat grass. This was very shocking for me at first, but eating grass is considered a usual behavior or practice for all types of cats whether it is domestic or a jungle feline. Animal experts say that cats eat grass or any type of plants, not for the purpose of nutrition. In fact, all plants are indigestible to cats. They are not capable of nourishing them, and cats do not have any enzymes that could digest grass. The real reason why cats try to eat grass is because plants help them regurgitate or expel undigested matter or particles in the digestive system. For example, when cats eat small animals such as mice, they usually eat the entire body. However, as the flesh is being digested, the bones of the dead animal as well as their fur or hair are left inside their stomach. In order for cats to expel these, they usually feed on grass and small plants to induce vomiting. And without any surprise, this act is actually very effective.

In addition to this, all cats also expel their fur balls. I know that cats don’t take baths to clean their bodies, which is why they usually lick their fur in order to keep them clean and tidy. This, however, accumulates fur in their stomach, which forms into a small ball. Just like the bones of their prey, this fur ball is also vomited with the help of grass.

So is it healthy for cats to eat grass? My answer would be NO. But is it helpful for cats to eat grass, then my answer would be YES! Now I know why my cat Kimone would like to eat grass.

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