Interesting Facts on Tigers

We often watch tigers on the Animal Planet and get amazed with their swiftness and distinct characteristics from the other cat species. Tigers are interesting animals and knowing more facts on tigers will make us appreciate them more. Even though they appear tough and fierce, there are still something good about these creatures. Let us read more and enrich our minds with information about tigers.

Tigers are classified as one of the biggest cats there is. They are contriving predators that can kill other animals and even savagely kill humans. It is advised that no one should turn their backs when nearing tigers as they can be so calculating and attack their prey at swift movements. They are so fierce and often bite the neck area to the point of killing an animal or human.

The Champawat was the only man-eater tiger known in history. This tiger notoriously killed hundreds of humans in India until he was intentionally killed by Jim Corbett to stop the human killings. Tigers are also considered as intelligent hunters that is why they make good survival after million years, as they are known to have evolved on earth for 2 million years.

One of the beautiful attributes of tigers is the stripes on their bodies. What is even more amazing is that no two tigers
have the same stripe patterns. The stripes are comparable with human being’s fingerprints and with this we expect the patterns drawn on their bodies are completely unique and used as a way to identify a tiger from other tigers. The colorful patterns on their bodies are also for their advantage as they can use this to subtly catch their prey.

Among various species of Tigers in the wild, the Siberian Tiger is known to be the largest as it can weigh approximately 800 pounds! Because tigers are naturally immense and fierce, their food consumption is proportionate with their sizes as well. It is said that male tigers can consume 150 kilos of meat per month, so they must have lots of catching to be done to meet their needs.

With their retractable toes, which they use when walking, tigers too can sprint at 33 feet at a time. Their high leaping speed is comparable to an arrow and this shows why they are not easy to catch. These animals do not only show impressive statistics on land but in water as well. They are known to be good swimmers. It is ironic to learn that tigers love water while the rest of the cat species are hydrophobic! Yes, tigers are unique as they love to relax in ponds and rivers.

One drawback about tigers is their being a loner. But this does not mean they are not sociable. Despite of their lonesome tendencies, they are still able to communicate with other tigers especially when they share and feast over their prey. And when they mate, they go with their respective partners but still go on separate ways after mating.

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