Interesting Facts on Japan

We have known that Japan is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It is known for its richness and supremacy and they are very popular when it comes to machinery productions, robots and other high-end gadgets. What is there to know more about interesting facts on Japan?

Japan, or popularly known as “the Land of the Rising Sun”, lies at the East Asia and located near the Pacific Ocean. It can be spotted lying at the east part of Sea of Japan and countries like North and South Korea and Russia. Geography tells us more that it is situated near bodies of water like Sea of Okhotsk and East China Sea in the north and with Taiwan at its southern portion.

Japan is composed of 6,852 islands as this country can be classified as an archipelago. Because of its many islands, Japan is ranked 10th among countries with big population. The people are notable to have the longest life expectancy rate and their primary language spoken is Japanese. Japan has 127 million residents and the largest metropolitan area, the Greater Tokyo Area, houses 30 million people, so it must be so crowded to live in this place!

Like mentioned earlier, Japan is a rich and powerful country. It is the leader in economic growth and has become the fourth largest exporter and importer in the world. It also spends billions of dollars for extensive scientific research that is why it has become the leader in this field especially about technology, machinery and biomedical researches. No wonder most of the high technology gadgets and electronics, industrial robotics, automobiles, chemicals and machinery came from Japan.

When it comes to cuisines, Japan also takes pride of its delicious dishes. In every meal, the Japanese rice is a staple and they eat most of the time fish, soup and steamed vegetables especially during breakfast, though instant meals from food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds and Haagen Daaz are also popular anytime of the day. In traditional Japanese homes, they have low set tables wherein they have to sit on the floors to eat.

There are also unique facts to know about Japan. The well known Hello Kitty character originated from this country in 1970’s. The vibrant and beautiful kimonos we see in movies and read in Japanese history are still worn during festivals and events. When it comes to pizza preparations, Japanese indulge on squid toppings as they find this sumptuous. And in agricultural products such as watermelons, what we usually know are round or oblong-shaped ones, but in Japan, farmers have been producing square-shaped watermelons. This may be absurd but totally a fascinating fact to know!

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