Interesting Facts on Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is popular among American and European people as he was the one who brought awareness to their countries which the world highly recognizes today. He led series of voyages and discovered lands that were uninhabited before. What more is there to know about this explorer? Read on to know more facts on Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was born between August 25 and October 31, 1451 in Genoa, Italy. He was given the name, Cristoforo Colombo and he came from a middle class family. He attended Prince Henry’s School of Navigation in Portugal and started to set out early as by the age of fourteen, he already became a seafarer. Because of his young age, he sold maps and charts as means to support him and his endeavors.

Though there was really no portrait remained of Christopher Columbus, history recorded that he was a man with light-colored eyes and had a reddish-colored hair. This persistent explorer, colonizer and navigator waited for a long time before leaders by his time approved his plans to sail out and navigate the world. He approached King John of Portugal and laid his plans to travel westward but unfortunately, the King refused to support his plans.

Christopher Columbus did not lose hope. He asked Queen Isabella about his planned navigation but she initially refused to support his endeavor. However, after six years had passed, the queen finally agreed with Columbus’ plans and sent out ships and crews for his navigation.

Because people before thought that the world is flat, recruiting for ship crews was hard. Many did not agree to go with Columbus as they had this misconception about the earth’s shape. They thought all throughout that they would fall on the other part of the world when a waterfall would hit them.

With this dilemma, a royal degree was implemented on April 30, 1492 commanding criminals being set free when they would become a crew on Columbus’ travels. Despite of this good offer, only four criminals submitted themselves as crew members of Christopher Columbus’ ships.

Finally, he began his first voyage on August 3, 1492 with three ships, the Pinta, Nina and Sta. Maria. It was on this voyage wherein the Bahamas was discovered. Along with this voyage, Columbus also stepped foot in Cuba and Hispaniola.

On his second voyage on September 1493, he discovered many islands and formulated the genocide policy. During his third voyage on May 1498, Columbus traveled over the Gulf of Paria and Margarita Islands. On his fourth voyage, he explored the Strait of Malacca and undergone series of calamities until their ship was stranded for a year in Jamaica. Christopher Columbus and his crews returned to Spain on November 1504.

After all of Christopher Columbus’ voyages and success and failures, he is considered as an important emblem in navigation and exploration of various islands in the world. With this, world history would never be complete without tackling his works and travels.

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