Interesting Facts about the Loch Ness Monster

Mystery is always present in our everyday lives. For thousands of years now, there are still a lot of things that are left unexplained by the capacity of our human knowledge. Even up to know, experts and scientists devout their time in deciphering clues and finding the answer in solving these unsolved mysteries and wonders. One of the most popular mysteries that have yet been solved is none other than the Loch Ness monster. This gigantic monster is referred to as the water beast that thrive the waters of Northern Scotland. However, despite its size, spotting these creatures is very rare and only number of people have claimed that they have witnessed these monsters resurface from the deep waters. Nowadays, countless individuals are still exploring the seas of Scotland and Northern Ireland just to get real evidence that these beasts really do exist. Nevertheless, here are some of the interesting facts about the Loch Ness monster.

When did this mystery about the Loch Ness monster start? The Nessie, which is a nickname to the said monster, was first heard in the book entitled Life of St. Columba in the 7th century. This was authored by Adomanan and it has stated the encounter of St. Columba to the said monster in 565 AD. Aside from this, carvings found in Egypt tell that these monsters do exist. Some however, suggested that Loch Ness monsters are types of dinosaurs. Aside from this, ancient Vikings also supported the sightings of these creatures since they have also claimed to have witnessed the Loch Ness 2,000 years ago. According to the Chinese, water dragons also exist thousands of years ago, which likewise looks similar to the Nessies in Europe.

When was the first sighting of these monsters occurred? The first Loch Ness monster sighting, aside from those of the ancient times, occurred in the year 1933 by the Spicer couple. They claimed that they have witness a large and unusual creature crossed the road, which resembles just like the water beast. Soon after that story broke out, many people started to report the same stories of monster sightings near the lake. Because of these witnesses and stories, a hunter was hired in order to catch the monster. The hunter’s name was Marmaduke Whetherell. In addition to these, a famous photograph of the said monster became popular a year after the Spicer couple first spotted the monster. This photograph was shot by a surgeon named R.K. Wilson and was later known as the surgeon’s photograph. This picture, however, was proven as a hoax after 50 years of being believed as authentic.

From then on, there have been at least 20 reports a year in seeing this monster. Some say that these Loch Ness monsters have a huge hump on its back, while others said that they have plain long necks. Nevertheless, most of these reports turn out to be false alarms or fake. The Loch Ness monsters are known to be inhabitants of Britain’s largest fresh water body. This however, is so deep that it could hold an entire population of world. Even up to know, many people still believes that these monsters are spending their entire time 800 feet under the water surface.

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