Interesting Facts about the Amazon River

The Amazon River, dubbed as the greatest river in the world, is located in South America. This river that runs through Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia and Peru, has been called great due to many reasons. Aside from being located right at the equator and being among the longest rivers in the world, the volume of water that it carries to the sea is also great; approximately 20% of all this freshwater discharge into our world’s oceans. The area of land that drains into the river is also great. Aside from these measures, here are other interesting facts about the Amazon River.

The Amazon River runs a length of approximately 6400 kilometers or 4000 miles. Its width could be 11 kilometers or 6.8 miles wide during the dry season. But when the wet season comes, the width of the river can reach over 40 kilometers or 24.8 miles. During the dry season, 110,000 square kilometers of land are in average, water-covered. However, this number more than triples during the wet season when the flooded area of the river’s basin elevates to 350,000 square kilometers.

Aside from the massive length and width that characterizes the Amazon River, the species that live in it give more life to its name. The river is home to more than 3,000 identified species of fish and the number is still bound to grow with all other kinds constantly being discovered. Among these schools of fish that live in the Amazon River is the catfish that are known to grow extremely large compared to other catfish living in other parts of the world. From this river, people have captured catfish that weighed over 200 pounds, 140 pounds more than the average catfish. One of the largest freshwater fish in the planet could also be found in the Amazon. The Arapaima is recognized as the largest and exclusively fresh water fish in Earth (reaching a length of 15 feet or 4 meters and weighing an average of 200 kilograms or 440 pounds), and it is found in this great river.

The Amazon River also houses some of the world’s most extreme creatures. It is also the home of the infamous Anaconda and piranha. The Anacondas, one of the largest snakes in the world, are known to lurk in the Amazon’s shallow waters. These large snakes would occasionally attack large animals like goats when they get too close to the water. The Piranha is a type of fish that are infamously known to be meat-eaters. These are carnivores that attack their prey in groups.

What make the Amazon River truly interesting are the countless creatures that live in it. The Amazon River is one diverse place thriving with unique plant and animal species.

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