Interesting Facts about Sharks

Sharks are recognized as one of the world’s most dangerous and fierce predators. These denizens of the deep are considered hunters that prey on fishes, birds and even humans. Most of us have already seen sharks, whether it is on TV or in real life. These sharks have very fascinating physical features. Their jaws are lined with countless, sharp and rugged teeth that split a person in two in just a matter of seconds. It is now wonder many lives were already all over the world lost due to shark attacks. So in case we would like to know more about these scary but amazing sea creatures, here are some of the interesting facts about sharks.

Nowadays, there are already more than 300 different types of shark species in the world. Nevertheless, this number will still continue to rise according to some experts since there are still some undiscovered shark species. Sharks also come in various sizes. Some can be as small as the palm of our hand such as the dwarf shark, while others are as big as a huge truck just like the whale shark. Known for their precise hunting skills, baby sharks or shark pups are already even taught how to hunt for their own food. Fortunately, these sharks do have slow metabolism, which means that once they have eaten a good meal, they stop their hunt and could go on for months without eating. This is because sharks do consume small energy whenever they are swimming. Sharks also differ with other animals when they sleep since these predators usually do not sleep at all, however, they do rest in order to get their energy. The only similarity between sharks and humans is that both are considered top of the food chain. These sharks are also very healthy creatures in fact no other animal can ever take care of themselves as good as sharks can.

Sharks have also contributed a lot to medicine since recent researches have concluded that sharks never get cancer. Because of this, many experts are already studying the cartilages of sharks in the hopes of achieving an effective anti cancer medication in the near future. Aside from this, sharks are also considered one of the oldest creatures around. In fact, these sea animals have been around for more than 300 million years and were even around even before the dinosaurs. Aside from this, sharks are also heavier than water that is why they need to continuously swim in order not to sink. Sharks are the know rulers of the deep. Although there are already many incidences of shark attacks all over the world, most sharks are actually tame and would not attack if not disturbed unlike the shark portrayed in the movie “Jaws”.

Just like what is mentioned above, sharks are made of several different species and among all these, only the Bull Shark is capable of living in both fresh and saltwater. This was even proven by a shark attack that occurred on a creek in New Jersey on the year 1916. The largest known and discovered shark teeth were from the Carcharodon Magaloden, which has been extinct for already more than 4 million years. These are just some of the interesting facts on sharks.

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