Interesting Facts about Puerto Rico

When we talk about big countries like USA, Japan, China and England, we would always have something to say about these places; however, if we speak of smaller countries like Puerto Rico, most of us would go blank about this island nation in Central America. That is why in order for us to know something about this beautiful place, let us try to discuss what are the interesting facts about Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is also known as the Island of Enchantment. This nation is also considered as a small archipelago, but it is mainly comprised of one island along with several islets. The entire country of Puerto Rico is about 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. In addition to this, it is also situated east to the country of Dominican Republic and west to the country of the British Virgin Islands. Its current population is about 4 million people, which makes it one of the most densely populated islands all over the world. These facts may be familiar with some of us, but the following details about Puerto Rico are something that is very uncommon and interesting.

For one, Puerto Rico was actually discovered by the same explorer who discovered America. This is none other than Christopher Columbus. He then claimed the island as a property of Spain in the year 1943. Nevertheless, when the American Spanish war ended in the year 1898, Puerto Rico became part of the United States. However, Puerto Rico is still considered as a free associated territory of the US, and aside from this, all Puerto Ricans are considered American citizens by the year 1917.This is the reason why the US dollar is also used in this territory, but most of the local call the locals call the money as peso. Puerto Ricans are also known as a blend of cultures since most of the locals have Spanish, Taino Indian or even African heritage. Their official language is both Spanish and English; however, the former is more prominent.

Puerto Rico is also known to have a tropical climate having been located just above the equator. Even though this nation is under US territory, Puerto Rico still has a separate delegate in world sporting events such as the Olympics and also international beauty pageants such as Miss Universe. In fact, Puerto Rico has already won the said pageant 5 times, which is just two times behind the total wins of USA (7). The main island is comprised of 270 miles of shoreline, and it is also known to have one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This makes Puerto Rico a favorite destination for a lot of tourists.

Basing on these wonderful and interesting facts about this small, but rather exquisite country, we can definitely conclude that Puerto Rico should be one of the countries that we should plan to visit as soon as possible. It is no doubt that Puerto Rico will become as famous as its mother country, the USA, in no time at all.

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