Interesting Facts about Penguins

Penguins are probably one of the most adorable creatures on earth. This was even emphasized by the movie Happy Feet, which talked about a young penguin, who is an excellent tap dancer, trying to find his niche in a community filled with excellent singers. This movie has made a lot of people, particularly the kids, fascinated with these fascinating birds. So in order for us to know more about these animals; here are some of the interesting facts about penguins that we all need to know.

First of all, what are penguins? Just like what is stated above, penguins are classified under the family of birds. Although we all know that birds are known to be excellent flyers, penguins are considered to be one of the few types that are not capable of flying. However, penguins are known to be excellent swimmers and divers. They even swim as fast as most other fishes since they use this skill in order to catch their food. Because their wings are not capable of letting them fly, they use these as their propellers or flippers under water along with their torpedo shaped body in order to swim very fast. They, however, waddle when they are on land. Aside from these, penguins are known to be good parents. Nevertheless, the role of the mother and the father are somewhat interchanged since the father is usually the one that spends most of his time taking care of the egg and warming it until it hatches. While doing this, the mothers will usually set off in order to hunt for their food.

Since penguins are known to be inhabitants of Antarctica, which is a very cold place, keeping their eggs warm is very vital. Usually, fathers will place their eggs in between their feet and cover them under their bellies in order to give it its needed warmth. Fathers will usually huddle together in order to keep themselves warm along with their eggs. Although penguins are living near the ocean, they are still able to drink freshwater from the sea since they do have a special gland at the back of their beaks that are capable in filtering the salt. They likewise eat snow and ice as their main source of freshwater. Penguins are also surrounded by a lot of predators. Some of their main foes are the orcas, which is why they are very careful on where they settle. Nevertheless, most penguins take their nap under the sea. Another interesting thing or fact about these penguins is that they do use sign language in order to communicate with each other. They either shake their heads or flap their flippers in order to hand out their message.

These are just a few of the many fascinating and interesting facts and details about penguins. Basing on these things alone, we can already say that penguins are indeed one of the most remarkable creatures on Earth.

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