Interesting facts about Kangaroos

Kangaroos are native animals of the country of Australia. These mammals are known to be hoppers and inhabit the outback setting. However, there are also kangaroos of different species that live on different places or habitats. That is why for us to know more about this; here are some of the interesting facts about kangaroos that could help us learn a lot about these fascinating creatures.

First of all, why is this animal named as “kangaroo”? The word kangaroo came from the Aboriginal language “Guugu Yimidhirr”. The Aboriginal word gangurru actually describes the grey kangaroo. This is why the name kangaroo is now used commonly in all species that are under the family of macropods. This family is also further subdivided into two namely the macropodidae and the potoroidae. The former holds the kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, forest wallabies and the like while the latter includes the potoroos, rat kangaroos and the bettongs. Kangaroos these days can actually be seen all over the world; nevertheless, it is considered common in Australia. Nonetheless, stray populations of kangaroos are already seen in places such as Hawaii, New Zealand and Great Britain.

A male kangaroo is usually referred to as jack, boomer or a buck while females are called as doe, jill or flyer. Their offspring, on the other hand, is known as a joey. The red kangaroo is known to be the largest marsupial, which can grow a size of two meters and can weigh approximately 200 pounds. Despite being large, these kangaroos could run as fast as 60 kilometers per hour, which is almost 40 mph. It can also leap a maximum of 8 meters far and 10 feet high. On the other hand, a male grey kangaroo can grow as big as 1.5 to 1.8 meters and weigh approximately 60 kg. Nevertheless, these kangaroos could also jump as well as red kangaroos do, with a distance of 9 meters in a leap. They are also considerably fast with a speed of 50mph.

Aside from being a good and fast jumper, kangaroos are also recognized as good swimmers. They even go to the water once they feel that they are being threatened. It also uses its hind legs in order to keep the predators away from them. Kangaroos are also known to be herbivores. These animals usually eat grass and other plants. Water is also essential for their survival; however, kangaroos are known to live without it for days. Kangaroos are also known for their unique eating habits. They usually eat early in the morning and as well as late in the afternoon. The rest of the day, they usually spend on shaded areas like under the tree where they could lie down on the cool earth. These animals also make use of their paws in cleaning their body. They usually lick it before rubbing it on its chest. Aside from this, kangaroos are also known to travel in mobs. A mob usually consists of 10 kangaroos, which is very useful for their survival since it protects themselves from lurking predators such as foxes, feral cats and dogs.

These are some of the fascinating facts about kangaroos that we all need to know. Basing on these details, we can truly say that kangaroos are interesting creatures.

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