Interesting Facts about Insects

As much as we hate insects because of their ability to bite us discreetly, there are still so many interesting facts about insects that will impress us. Normally, they come in small sizes but its tiny size must never be underestimated because those that come minutely are those that can give us more itch and even sickness. There are also insects that appear bigger than the others. Aside from sizes, they also have their distinct characteristics that are fun to know.

The following is a short list on great things to learn about insects:

• Insects belong to the family of arthropods. One common feature among arthropods is their exoskeleton or their hard outer coat.
• There are so many kinds of insects in the world. It is said that there are 900,000 species of insects on earth and scientists discovered there are 150,000 species of wasps, bees and ants.
• Because there are thousands of insects in this world, it can consume 1/3 of the earth’s food crops annually.
• Some insects are deadly to human beings. In the United States, it is reported that wasps cause more deaths than snake bites, spiders and scorpions. In other places, bees also cause a lot of deaths compared to snakes.
• Some people like eating exotic food. They described that beetles taste like apples, wasps taste like pine nuts and worms taste like fried bacon. This must have been a weird experience!
• Dragonflies have more than 30,000 lenses per eye but it can live for a day only.
• Bees are hardworking insects. They leave their hives, except for the queen bee, to collect nectar from flowers. Through their hard work, they can only produce one pound of honey even if they have traveled the same distance with going around the world twice. Working bees, which are the female bees, also help pollinate flowers. The queen only lays eggs while the drones or the male bees have nothing else to do but breed with the queen.
• Cockroaches are the fastest running insect as it can move a foot per second. It can live up to a month without food intake but cannot survive without drinking water for 9 days. Oddly, it can also live up to 9 days headless but eventually dies because of hunger. They must be eliminated from our homes as much as possible because they are considered as vectors of diseases such as typhoid and gastroenteritis.
• Mosquitoes are other insects we peeve because its bite stings. It normally has 47 teeth but it is really its proboscis responsible for that sharp sensation we feel after biting us. Proboscis is only present among female mosquitoes and used for blood sucking for egg production purposes. As we have noticed these days, mosquito repellents usually have citronella component. It is because this ingredient irritates its feet, therefore freeing us from mosquito bites.

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