Interesting Facts about Iceland

From its name, people would conclude that the country, Iceland, is mainly made of ice. But this notion is totally wrong as Iceland is so green because of its vast water supply and the temperature in this place is not freezing, as most of us think. To help us get to know more about this country, let us read more interesting facts about Iceland.

Iceland has a total land area of 103,000 square kilometers and located close to the Arctic Circle. This is also known to be the second largest island in Europe with a few settlers. Iceland is the least populated country in Europe and ranks as the seventh least populated country in the world. The locals primarily came from Norwegian lineage and some have Celtic blood due to Irish and Scottish early settlers.

The Icelanders founded the Althing in 930, and up to these days, it remained as their supreme general assembly and is considered as the oldest parliament in the world. After several take over in their government by Norwegian and Danish powers, Iceland gained its independence on June 17, 1944, hence the birth of the Republic of Iceland.

The Icelanders speak the Icelandic language, which is also considered as one of the oldest living languages in Europe. In schools, students were also taught the English and Danish languages as these are mandatory subjects. Icelanders are highly literate, as education is also compulsory from ages 6 to 15, which makes them gain the highest literacy rate in the world.

It is interesting to know that Icelanders do not have surnames! Yes, they only have given names plus the names of their fathers attached with their given names. With this, women do not take the surnames of their husbands as they do not have one and in telephone directories, Icelanders are listed in alphabetical order according to their given names. Now, this fact is truly unique and impressive!

When you are planning to take a trip to Iceland, you can board on a plane as daily flights are offered by Iceland airline carriers- the Iceland Air and Iceland Express. The main cities in Europe and North America serve as your gateway to Iceland and the Keflavik International Airport is where flights connect. It would take two to three hours to reach European gateways and five to six hours to North America’s east coast.

Iceland has wonderful seasons all year round to offer to its tourists. The peak season for travels is during summer and within this season (June to August) various getaway accommodations in hotels, campsites and youth hostels are being opened. When you failed to travel during summer, you still can appreciate the country as autumns and winters in Iceland are likewise spectacular.

When visiting Iceland, tourists must bring along proper clothing with them even though Iceland weather is mild, it can still get unpredictable at times. It is best to gear up properly to be comfortable during the whole stay in this country.

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