Interesting Facts about Bees

We are usually frightened about bees because they are known to be stingers. The sharp pain from their sting often causes us swelling, itching and even allergic reactions for some. But amidst these negativities, bees are very helpful for pollination that is why we continuously harvest ripe fruits and vegetables from our plantations.

Another amazing nice-to-know about bees is that they are the sole insects that manufacture something that humans eat or utilize. Our taste buds adore the sweetness of their produced-honeys and how they work hard to make such product is totally impressive. We are impressed further upon knowing more interesting facts about bees.

The bees have minute-sized brains, comparable to the size of sesame seeds. Despite of its size, bees are intelligent insects as they are capable of calculating distance traveled as well as keeping a sharp memory. One colony of bees is composed of 20,000 to 60,000 0f honeybees with one reigning queen.

The honeys produced are credited after the hardworking female honeybees. Yes, all the workers are female bees. Because of their toil, they never sleep and this may be the cause why female honeybees have short lifespan. They are only able to live for six weeks.

The queen, on the other hand, stays only inside the hive but gets busy during summertime. It has a lifespan of two to three years and is capable of laying 2,500 eggs a day. The queen is made through royal jelly and this implies great competition among other potential queen bees. The survivor after raging fight takes hold the mighty position as the queen bee.

The male bees, or the drones, only exist to function as breeders for the queen. They do not have stingers and they do not even know how to feed themselves, which often made them useless in bee hives.

Honeybees are meticulous insects. They always want perfect and clean hives. When they see some dirt, they immediately clean it. Because the queen bee never leaves her hive, this means she expels her wastes inside the hive and workers have to tend to her wastes, which adds another job for them.

Aside from the honeys they produce, honeybees also make beeswax. These are secreted from glands and mainly used by honeybees for building honey comb. For human purposes, beeswax is utilized in making products like medications, candles and furniture polish.

Another product bees produce is the propolis. Bees collect these from their travels on trees and use this for sealing any cracks in their hive. Because of its sealing properties, propolis is incorporated with wax to make sticky glue.

Royal jelly, a popular milky substance that is infused with B vitamins and other components vital for health enhancements and also used as fertility stimulant, is another great product from bees. This substance is responsible for making an ordinary bee into queen bee that is why royal jelly indeed serves powerful effects not only in bees but for humans as well.

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