How was the Internet Invented?

Living in this high technology world makes people in the capacity to work for their best. They are able to carry out tasks, performance and inventions that were never known before and big percentage of these achievements are all linked to the power of the Internet. Everybody is hooked with the Internet as everything they are searching for is found in the web. With the amazing difference this technology brings to the lives of the people, it is just pleasing to answer the question, “How was the Internet invented?”

The Internet brings wide array of information to billions of users worldwide. This global connection is linked with various machines, networks, and other technologies to meet the services and quests of every user. It uses the standard Internet Protocol Suite or the TCP/IP. May it be private, public, business, academic or government network, the Internet serves them all.

But with its global services and wide array of connections, it is important to know that the Internet is not owned or operated by a single organization. It is instead a cooperative work of series of institutions that inexhaustibly make more progression to serve the public voluntarily. The Internet actually started out as a computer network for the ARPA or the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense.

Back in 1973, Vinton Cerf, an American computer scientist developed the Internet and Transmission Control Protocols for the ARPA project. The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or the ARPANET, as designed by Lawrence Roberts of Lincoln Laboratory, became the first operational packet switching network in the world. This was primarily used for the United States Department of Defense’s projects in various universities and laboratories in the country. Eventually, the network was not only used for the government project alone but later on served as a network for what is known today as the global Internet.

Another development was released in 1989. The World Wide Web, as developed by Timothy Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist, came in existence. This was used for the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

There were more progressions developed each year to further make the Internet technology a better network for multitude of purposes. The Internet makes it possible for interconnection of computer networks to exist and this has been proven to serve the people all throughout the world. They can dive into the pool of information offered to them with less than a minute search.

People are served each day with enhancements that they can enjoy especially when it comes to education, commerce, communication and social networking. There is more that the Internet can offer in the coming years. Now, who can live without the Internet?

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