How to Shoot Craps?

Shooting craps is a very popular game to play in a casino. It is so popular because it is fun to play but also because it is an easy game to learn. Most people will not learn how to shoot craps in the casino but at home. If you want to play craps but you are not entirely sure how to play it than this article will write down the fundamentals of the game. First we will explain the basics and than we will explain how the betting is done.

All that you need with the game are two dices, cubes with the basic 1 to 6 dots on the sides. You throw with both cubes at the same time and if you throw 7 or 11 on your first roll than you have won that round. If you win a roll by throwing 7 or 11 than it is called ‘natural’.

If you throw 2,3 or 12 than you will lose your bet and that is called ‘craps’.  However, your turn is not over and you keep the dice to throw again.

The one that is throwing the dice is called the shooter. If you win it is called a ‘pass’ and when you lose it is called a ‘missout’. If you win or lose is not always decided on your first throw. If you throw a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 than any of the numbers you have trowed becomes your point. If this occurs than you want to throw the point again before you throw a 7. If you first throw a 7 than you lost. When you are trying to throw your point, the other numbers are of no significance in that throw ( craps: 2,3,12 or natural: 11)

You have to keep trowing until you throw your point again or until you hit a 7.

Ok these are the basics, now lets explain how to play this game. When you want to play a private game,  every player trows the dices in order to decide who is closest to 12. The one that trows the highest will start the game.

The one that starts trowing the dices is the shooter. Upfront he decides how much he want to bet. In this example we will begin betting $1 which we put in the middle. Now the other players can fade the money that is in the middle. Player 2 can put his dollar on top of the dollar of player 1 and so can the other players.  You can decide on your own if you want to fade the entire dollar or only a portion of it ($0.5 for example).

Now the shooter will trow the dice and he is quite lucky because he trows a 7 ( a natural) and so he wins the pot. This game is all about chance and probability:  there are 6 possibilities out of 36 to trow 7 or 11 so he has 1/6 chance to win the pot.

If a shooter has won the pot he can do 3 things. He can keep on playing with all the money in the middle, he can draw a portion of the pot and keep playing or he can pass his turn to the next player. Passing turns is not something that happens often.

Now player 1 trows again but this time he trows 3 (craps) and now he loses the pot but he keeps the dices so he can trow again. The chance on trowing craps is the same chance as trowing natural (6 possibilities out of 36).

This is how to shoot craps and it is a quite exciting game because of the betting part added to it. If you have never played it before you should first practice it with fake money before you play for real money.

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