How to Remove Urine Smell from Carpet?

Having small children and pets at home can be really fun and exciting. However, they could also be the cause of many annoying and tiring instances. One of these is none other than accidentally peeing or urinating on our favorite carpets and rugs. Cleaning the carpet might be easy since it can be washed with water and simple detergent. Nevertheless, the smell of the urine is always the one that makes it hard for us to eliminate. As we all know, urine comes with a very strong smell of ammonia, which can very much last for a long time even after doing several washes already. Many are now searching and trying for countless ways in order to solve this annoying problem. So if we are interested to know which steps are efficient in removing urine odor; here are some of the things that we could do for us to learn how to remove urine smell from carpet.

There are actually tons of things that we could use in order to remove the awful smell of urine from our carpet. However, before applying any of these items, it is still required for us to wash them initially in order to remove the urine excess off the house item. Once the washing is through then we could try using the wintergreen rubbing alcohol in getting rid of the odor. All we have to do is to apply it on the affected area of the carpet in order to release the smell. This does not need any rinsing since it dries very fast. This does carry a specific smell, but it too shall go away after a few days along with the smell of the urine.

In case we don’t want to use the wintergreen alcohol, then we could always use the Miracle Odor removal. This product is specifically designed in order to remove the urine odor in carpets and other items. This item could be purchased on any pet shop or grocery store. However, if we don’t have money to spend, then we could always settle with home vinegar. Many tests have already proven that vinegar is indeed excellent in doing this task. All we need to do is to add at least 2 cups of vinegar into the laundry rinse cycle and it will already do its wonders in removing the awful smell. Other products that help in removing urine odor from carpet include Mom’s Urine odor remover. Just like the Miracle Odor Remover, this product is also specifically designed in order to get rid of urine smell. It is also useful for both pet urine and children urine.

Nevertheless, if we are more suited with using home ingredients, then we can also try baking soda instead of vinegar. All we need to do is to add baking soda onto the affected area and leave it overnight. This will try to absorb the excess urine in the carpet. The nest day, we can already remove it using the vacuum cleaner before adding a new batch of baking soda. But instead of letting it stay overnight, we can try wiping it with wet cloth in order to get rid of the remaining residue. After that, all we have to do is to rinse it with clean water and vacuum it once again once it’s already dry. These are some of the steps that we could apply in getting rid or removing the urine smell from our carpets.

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