How to Remove Ticks from Dogs?

Ticks are tiny blood sucking parasites that feed on any warm-blooded creature.  In general, they live in grassy areas or in the woods.  Whenever your pet enters or roll over these tick infested areas, ticks may cling on the fur of the host by attaching their mouth on the skin of the host.  Dogs are often the victims of this parasite.  But, humans must also be careful not to be in contact with tick’s blood, since Lyme disease and other disease can be spread through their blood.

Tick infestation frequently occur during humid and wet conditions, hence, pet owners must take precautionary measures to protect their dogs against ticks.  There are a number of ways on how to remove ticks from dogs, such as using a lit match to kill the ticks.  However, this practice is strongly discouraged.

So, how do you remove ticks from dogs?  The best way to remove ticks from dogs involves the use of tweezers, or better yet, tick removal devices, such as tick removal hooks and tick nipper, they are the best.

If your pet is infested with ticks, be sure to check the head, neck, and ears thoroughly.  Here’s how to remove ticks from dogs ears.  Feel for any bumps or swelling on your dog, then, look closely if there are ticks.  Ticks swell up when they have been sucking blood.  If you found one on your dog’s ears, pull it by using tweezers or any tick removal tool.

Learning how to remove ticks from dogs is easy, but it requires expertise to be able to remove the ticks effectively.

For removing ticks from dogs using tweezers, grasp the tick firmly.  With a steady hand, pull the tick upward, in order to get the whole tick.  Do not twist or jerk the tick, as this may break its body, thus, leaving the head of the tick behind.  In addition, you must not squeeze the tick, because its secretions may enter the bloodstream of your pet.

Moreover, be sure to wear a pair of rubber or latex gloves, to avoid contact with tick’s blood.  If in case, the head or any part of the ticks’ body is left, try to remove it using needle that is boiled for 5 minutes in water.

Apply alcohol or any disinfectant to the site where the tick was removed from your dog.  Afterwards, properly dispose the ticks by placing it inside a jar of alcohol.  Another way is by placing the ticks in an ashtray, then, touch a lighter or lit match to its head.

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